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waman penis enlarging tablet

With unique formula, Waman Penis Enlarging Tablet can increase the secretion of
testosterone and prostate secretion so as to solve the fundamental problems of male reproductive system and get hearty energy. Furthermore, Waman Penis Enlarging Tablet can help to expand cavemosa tissue, push more blood into cavemosa during erection and increase the pressure inside the cavemosa, so sa to make cavemosa expand naturally, which will contain 36% more blood. After using this product, the cubage of your cavemosa will increase remarkably, which can contain more blood. It can not only bring your long-lasting and rigid erection but also make your penis change permanently in length, diameter and rigidity. In addition, Waman Penis Enlarging Tablet will make you experience the pleasure brought by the control of hard erection, passional and continuous ejaculation.
 A. 2 waman capsules a day, 60 days a treatment, can enlarge your penis more than 3 inches (7.02 cm);
 B.Increases your peniss diameter by 25%;
 C.Increases the rigidity of your penis and makes erection longer and harder;
 D.Gets more sexual desire. You can have a long and exciting sexual intercourse without the help of any medicine;
 E.Removes toxins accumulated in kidneys;
 F.Prevents early ejaculation effectively;
 G.Dont enlarging instruments, surgical or daily exercises.
L-Arginine(HCL):Increases the blood that flows into penis so as to maintain hard erection
Maca:ntains elements that can stimulate sexual desire thus enhancing males sexual impulsion and energy
Catuaba: Prevent penis fatigue and impotency so as to make erection last long
Muira Puama: Able to relax penis blood vessel so as to make penis engorges entirely during erection
Tribulus Terrestris:Increases testosterone in body quickly thus improving erection
Ginseng:Suppplies energy and enhances physical strength
Kola Nut:Increases physical strength and concentrates your mind so as to get more sexual impulsion
Oat Straw:Makes you more exciting and passional while having sex
Nicotinic Acid:Helps your body to create more estrogenic hormone
Specification: 60 pills/bottle
Directions And Dosage: One tablet once, twice a day (Take 2 tablets 30 minutes before sexual intercourse for instant effects)
Notes: This is a health care product, which can not be used to replace medicine. A person under 18 years old shall not buy it


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