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  • 【Cultivate intelligence and creativity】 these free throwing toys can firmly grasp the teenager’s eyeballs, move their eyes while playing, and of course also exercise their hand-eye coordination ability, and improve their manipulation ability while playing parachute games, cultivate their operational skills, intelligence and creativity
  • 【Easy to operate】 each camo throwing toy adopts a tangled-free design, no rope tangles and no extra links, you just need to roll up the parachute, then throw the parachute up high and wait for it to land; Reminder: please stay away from branches or roadside wires
  • 【Reliable material】 these army parachute toys are made of polyester cloth and quality plastic materials, which are safe and non-toxic, no worries about whether they will have any adverse to your health; Not easy to break or fade, you can use them for a long time; Lightweight, easy and portable for you to carry; Reminder: the surface material of the parachute is relatively light, please do not pull it hard when playing
  • Army Parachute Toy: Mainly in army green and camouflage, it is easy to attract children’s attention. Cool toy parachutes can be folded and rolled up, are very easy to store, do not take up space, and are very convenient and practical. If you don’t need them, put them in the corner.
  • High-Quality Materials: Children’s outdoor parachute toys are made of selected polyester cloth and high-quality material, which is non-toxic, odorless, recyclable, eco-friendly, safe, and not easy to break. Children’s parachutes can be used for a long time and it is durable.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Parachute toys are very interesting and suitable for a group of people to play together. Not only children, but adults can also participate, get together with children and play outdoor games with these parachute toys to enhance their relationship.
  • Stimulate Potential: As a kind of children’s outdoor game toy, parachutes can well enhance children’s eyeball control ability, exercise children’s hand-eye coordination ability, and let children think logically since childhood. Playing with flying toys can improve children’s hands-on creativity.
  • Restores The Parachuting Scene: The parachute restores the parachuting scene of the paratroopers, guides the children to awe and respect for the soldiers, and plants a scientific seed in their hearts since childhood.
  • Material: polyester cloth+plastic
  • Parachute Size: about 35*38cm/ 13.78*14.96in
  • Paratrooper Size: about 3*10cm/ 1.18*3.94in

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