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TV output AV output, large screen experience Large field of view
Built-in 900,000 games, trendy games, free to play
crystal texture buttons have been mechanically clicked to improve the feel of game
support connection to NTSC and PAL standard TV, GB support. NES Game
Features: 2.2inch LCD Screen / 900,000 Games / English Menu / AV TV Output / Lithium Battery Power Supply

Product Category: Handheld Game Console
Interface Type: USB
Video / Audio Interface: AV
Screen: 2.4 inches (2.4 inches support, 2.8 Cm) 8 bits
Memory: 32 MB
Game type: RPG role-playing game, action game, AVG adventure game, etc.
Color: Green
Material: ABS
Size: 15.8×3.1×7.1cm

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