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Kuku Bima Ener-G! Energy Drink Powder

  • Product of Indonesia
  • Energy drinks with the fresh taste
  • Maintain stamina and refresh the body
  • 6 sachet @ 4.5 gr each box
  • 1 box per order

Kuku Bima Ener-G! Energy Drink Powder

Indonesia’s homegrown cures creator Sido Muncul, well known for its Tolak Angin cures, is seeing a proceeded with the decrease in caffeinated drink deals. As per its IPO outline, the organization is number one in caffeinated drinks in 2012 with a piece of the overall industry of 60.02%. The market study is centered around conventional and present day directs in Greater Jakarta regions and isn’t a portrayal of the whole nation.

Sido Muncul has found a way to address the fall in deals by propelling new items including Kuku Bima Energi Colamill (2013), Kuku Bima Vitamin C (2013) Kuku Bima Energi Bir (2014), a caffeinated drink with a lager enhance less the liquor. In 2015, the organization discharged the Kuku Bima Ener-G (orange and grape) prepared to-drink caffeinated drink to tap the motivation drinking event and to target youthful buyers. This is a correct advance to position Kubu Bima far from being a drink for the common laborers.

Kalbe Farma’s Extra Joss, the number two player in the market, is on the correct way to progress. It has enhanced the solid picture of Extra Joss with the new item Extra Joss Blend. Additional Joss Blend is another variation of caffeinated drink with included powdered drain in sachet bundling focusing on youthful shoppers. The drain content (calcium and protein) gives an additional solid bend to a generally undesirable drink. The item claims to be new and not PHP (Pemberi Harapan Palsu) or a provider of false expectation.


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