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Intex Double Quick Hand Pump


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  • -Intex brand from the packaging as well.
  • -With a stylish look Designed to be easy to use. Portable anywhere
  • -Black material well Not fragile by Intex
  • -Bellows can have all the material Available in all locations If there are no power somehow.
  • -Height of about 30cm
  • -The cylinder has a relatively large elastic loops into the air. Faster than among other models.
  • -There are rooms that can be used to replace the pipes in different sizes.
  • -Feature is The cylinder up and down it. The push and pull us up. It will force out Also known as Double Quick, which will be much faster. The reduction in force were excellent too.

How to use:

1. Just plug the pump into the inflatable material.
2. Set up a barrel Use both feet tread.
3. Lift the cylinder up and down The bellows into


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