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Magnetic Math toy helps children to develop the arithmetic ability and hand-eye coordination. It is ideal for home teaching, school. Learning by playing will make a child happier and this product exactly does that. You can also play this together with family or friends. Parents or teachers can give math problems, and let children give the answer, or let children themselves review to add, subtract, multiply and divide thereby they improve their various skills.

The cylinders are portable in size for children to grasp, adults and kids can take them anywhere, and also they can disassemble if they want.

It is very small in size so that you can carry it anywhere and also fits in the pocket. You can also place this toy anywhere, like decorating your home. We can attach notes, photos, artwork, or cards on the fridge door, magnetic board, or any other magnetic surface securely.

This can be a perfect gift for children which will motivate them in their learning. These are made up of high-quality products, so you don’t have to worry about children’s safety. Children can easily handle themselves with simple and smooth rotation operations.

  • Innovative design: It is made up of 6 colours of circular magnets with positive and negative poles. The bright colours enhance children’s colour recognition, smooth hand feel, safe and easy to operate, and the suction cup design is not easy to lose.
  • Magnetic digital cube: number symbols can be joined at will, there are four arithmetic forms of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. By turning the magnet, you can arrange multiple calculations to improve their arithmetic and spatial thinking ability, stimulate children’s curiosity, and help children Have fun in learning.
  • Multi-function: The math machine is not only a children’s play toy that integrates fun cartoons, it promotes children’s growth and learning. It can also paste notes, photos, illustrations or cards on the surface of the refrigerator door or other magnetic objects in daily life.
  • Portable toys: Palm-sized pocket toys, easy to disassemble, easy to carry, card-type packaging comes with fun stickers, so children can’t put it down.
  • The perfect little gift: very suitable as a Children’s Day gift, birthday gift, and a good reward for the teacher to the students, and can also be given to the elderly to prevent Alzheimer’s.

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