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Hot Wheels new and attractive
Hot Wheels – A new kind of transportation that children love to explore next to the familiar car everyday. The adventure with the planes will be an exciting new adventure, which she is looking forward to explore.
Colorful aircraft with designs are designed as real aircraft, will help children feel excited playing along, there are many different types of aircraft models such as helicopters, planes, airplanes, fighters, gliders, airplanes, and so on. You can choose your favorite aircraft, or collect all of the existing Hot Wheels models.

Passionate discoveries with spectacular street adventures
Fully integrate all the cars in the city from the luxury cars of Lamborghini, Ferrari to ordinary cars such as Toyota, Ford or city bus cars, motorcycles, fire engines, etc. v

Learning in Traffic :

Beautifully designed, sophisticated and accurate simulation with real car images to help children easily distinguish the means of transportation. From the detailed lines, beautiful and smooth water to the design on the car attracted the attention of the baby, helping her enjoy the wonderful moments.

Safe to use :

The design is not angular, safe material, and made from high quality materials that parents are assured when the children

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