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C1 Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

Hair Loss products Hair Thick Dexe 200ml C1 Anti-hair Loss Shampoo with Hair growth Serum for men

Stimulates the hair roots all through the hair washing

enormously more hair

Product introduction:

particularly designed for hair, increasingly ladies and men are hassle by means of hair loss, dexe offers them answer

Anti-hair loss shampoo:

DEXE anti-hair loss shampoo promotes natural hair boom, your hair will sense more potent and will have more grip based totally on the mainly formulated natural engineering on your hair


recharges men’s hair each day, cleanses the scalp all through washing and has a clean impact


1. rinse hair and scalp to eliminate particles and oil before software

2. calmly apply shampoo, lightly and punctiliously rubdown hair and scalp and depart on for 2 minutes to dissolve harmful substance

3. very well rinse off shampoo, please ensure to smooth your scalp as nicely, doing so will make certain the removal of harmul substance, wholesome scalp promotes hair regrowth.


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