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AB Slim Capsules in pakistan

AB Slim Capsules
100% natural product
Golden Award winner
Available in pharmacies all over Lebanon
Delivered to all countries
Registered at the Ministry of Health
Holder of certificates from country of origin
Food supplement containing 30 capsules, for appetite control and weight loss, helps lose 8 to 10 Kg per month in a magnificent way!
Price inside Lebanon: $36

Definite thinnest…Better life

With the hundreds of diet pills brands obtainable in the market in our day, both in your local stores and online, it is very stiff to build the correct decision on which slimming pills are worth using and which are not effective.
Marketing approaches used to endorse these products are different and very stylish, and in a lot of cases you are unsighted by the propaganda and promises, while the product in question may just be ineffective.
As a team of health specialists and professionals, we are talented of classifying the true “facade” of every slimming product by utilizing our widespread research to shed-light upon its history, ingredients, safety, customer feedback and marketing tactics used to support it.
This allocates us to fetch impartial and dependable outcomes and ratings of slimming supplements, helping you to evade breaking your bank on unsuccessful solutions.
Our Tested Claims:
  •   Drop extreme weight
  •   Lose 8-10 kilos per month
  •   100% natural weight loss supplement
  •   Used by men and women
What it does:
Having the Golden Medal for Merit in Excellence and Quality from “TATWIJ” – United Arab Emirates, AB Slim Capsule is a clinically verified, secure and natural slimming solution that has been developed after far-reaching research. AB Slim Capsule has a favorable consequence on weight reduction.
Considered as the fastest selling product in Lebanon, AB Slim Capsule limits the fat production in the body and aids in body weight reduction. It diminishes the passion to eat. The blend of natural herbs restrains food craving and controls the hunger which results in the consumption of fewer calories and the most favorable exploitation of nutrients.
Key ingredients:
A unique combination of natural ingredients
Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Cassia Seed, Liquorice, Dried Ginger, and Ginseng
Our 100% herbal Capsule is composed of natural ingredients with no chemical additions or fillers. All our ingredients have been reviewed and tested.
Directions for use:
The recommended dosage: AB Slim Capsule should be taken in conjunction with a large cup of water one capsule per day half an hour before lunch. In case patients are willing to drop excessive weight swiftly, it is recommended to take another capsule half an hour before dinner.
Pack size:
30 capsules
Results showed that AB Slim Capsule was clinically efficient in weight reduction. In addition, no side effects were reported. AB Slim Capsule:
  •   Assists in throwing out surplus weight without endeavor, appetite or exhaustion
  •   Reduces the proportion of fat in the blood by 50% to 70% and turn it into energy.
  •   Increases sexual efficiency
  •   Supports in attaining a perfect shape
  •   Presents no dizziness, insomnia or other symptoms
  •   Eliminate cellulite,
  •   Banishes sediments out of the body.
  •   Resolves the difficulties of bloating, gas and upset stomach
  •   Improve the intenstinal activity.
  •   Prevents constipation
  •   Eliminates blackness around the eyes and cleanses the facial skin
Advisory information:
Patient should drink a robust quantity of water for paramount results
To guarantee the best results, kindly, fulfill the instructions of use, in addition to observing your weight before and after the use of AB Slim Capsule.
Keep in mind AB Slim is a supplement not medicine.
Store AB Slim at room temperature
Found exclusively in pharmacies, drugstores, medical clinics
Make sure your AB Slim box has the guarantee card and the certificate of quality to avoid product forging
Safety information:
AB Slim Capsule is not advisable in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, heart disease, or high blood pressure.
In cases of cardiac ailments and high blood pressure, it is advisable to take AB Slim under medical supervision.


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