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  • increases the rate of protein synthesis;
  • increases IGF-1;
  • gain muscles;
  • increases muscle strength;
  • improves stamina and performance;
  • increases the count of red blood cells making workout very easy;
  • enhances energy;
  • reduces the rate of tiredness;
  • eliminates depression;
  • enhances nitrogen retention.


The injection of Sustanon should be administered into the muscle very slowly.

The standard dose for medical purposes is 1 ml (1 ampoule) injection every 3 weeks.

The dosage can also range from 500 to 700 mg per week depending on goals. The beginners usually have a dosage ranging between 300-500 mg per week. The appropriate dose can be calculated by a doctor or a trainer.

Sustanon is a great option for both bulking and cutting cycles and may include other steroids in addition to achieve the best results.


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