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Jaguar Female Sex Enhancer Gum in Pakistan

Jaguar chewing gum, women’s sexual product sex enhancer for girls Specification: one field contains 2 strips, 20 computers chewing gum in one small box
flavor: strawberry & Pineapple
logo name: Jaguar
function: Aphrodisiac
characteristic: herbal and natural
fashion: effective and no facet-effect

elements: Puerariae extract, Crocus, Clover Extract, Xylitol, Maca extract, vitamin E, nutrition C
impact: Chewing the gum can secrete estrogen, with a view to stimulating the pituitary gland to supply excitation after which transmit by no means middle if you want to substantially growth sexual preference. it’ll make your sexual life greater passionate sex Gum in Pakistan, sex Gum in Karachi, female intercourse Gum in Karachi, female sex Gum in Lahore
1. Make sexual life passionate
2. Produce sex preference
three. reason pleasure
4. increase sexual choice in the woman.
5. herbal No facet consequences


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